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DNP Essential VII

Clinical Prevention and Population Health

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DNP VII Essential Competencies:

  1. Analyze epidemiological, biostatistical, environmental, and other appropriate scientific data related to individual, aggregate, and population health.

  2. Synthesize concepts, including psychosocial dimensions and cultural diversity, related to clinical prevention and population health in developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to address health promotion/disease prevention efforts, improve health status/access patterns, and/or address gaps in care of individuals, aggregates, or populations.

  3. Evaluate care delivery models and/or strategies using concepts related to community, environmental and occupational health, and cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of health.


Achievement of DNP VII Essentials:

  • Paper analyzing population prevalence of vascular dementia. The epidemiology paper described why the health issue was important, the literature search approach, the relevant measures, the findings from the top articles, and any inconsistencies across the data sources. The analysis also included a discussion of how incidence/prevalence of this issue should be reported in subsequent writing.

       Course: NURS 6303: Epidemiology and Health, Spring 2017

       Documents:  Horne Vascular Dementia Epidemiology Paper


  • DNP Project. In the project, I analyzed and implemented strategies to improve cardiology population health.  Through evaluation of cardiology specific population data, I developed and implemented a process to improve patient access and associated outcomes of patient satisfaction and hospital readmissions.

       Course: NURS 8050: DNP Project III

       Documents:  Horne DNP Project Presentation


  • Poster on prevention of osteoporosis in geriatric populations in the United States. In this poster, I included analysis of prevalence, disease burden, levels of prevention, outcomes and goals, and integration of theory (Health Belief Model).  

       Course: NURS 6303: Epidemiology and Health, Spring 2017

       Documents:  Horne Geriatric Osteoporosis Poster

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