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DNP Essential VI

Interprofessional Collaboration

DNP Essentials VI: Image

DNP VI Essential Competencies:

  1. Employ effective communication and collaborative skills in the development and implementation of practice models, peer review, practice guidelines, health policy, standards of care, and/or other scholarly products.

  2. Lead interprofessional teams in the analysis of complex practice and organizational issues.

  3. Employ consultative and leadership skills with intraprofessional and interprofessional teams to create change in health care and complex healthcare delivery systems.


Achievement of DNP VI Essentials:

  • Leader of DNP project. I led an interprofessional core project team including the chief of the cardiology group, the director of cardiology services, the cardiology business analyst, and myself, as the coordinator for the NP team. I was also the overall leader of the broader team of participants which included 11 cardiologists, 3 NP’s and various administrative, nursing, and technology participants. I served as the overall project manager and was responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the project plan.

       Course: NURS 8030, 8040, 8050: DNP Project I, I, II.  Spring 2019-Fall 2019

       Documents:  Horne DNP Project Plan summary


  • Leadership discussion video.  In this video, I described the key elements of situational and transformational leadership models and how the concepts of the theories were applied to my DNP project. I also discussed how the models helped me develop into a better clinical leader.

       Course: NURS 8050: DNP Project III, Fall 2019

       Documents:  Horne Leadership Video

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