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DNP Essential V

Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care

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DNP V Essential Competencies:

  1. Critically analyze health policy proposals, health policies, and related issues from the perspective of consumers, nursing, other health professions, and other stakeholders in policy and public forums.

  2. Demonstrate leadership in the development and implementation of institutional, local, state, federal, and/or international health policy.

  3. Influence policy makers through active participation on committees, boards, or task forces at the institutional, local, state, regional, national, and/or international levels to improve health care delivery and outcomes.

  4. Educate others, including policy makers at all levels, regarding nursing, health policy, and patient care outcomes.

  5. Advocate for the nursing profession within the policy and healthcare communities.

  6. Develop, evaluate, and provide leadership for health care policy that shapes health care financing, regulation, and delivery.

  7. Advocate for social justice, equity, and ethical policies within all healthcare arenas.


Achievement of DNP V Essentials:

  • Paper on business considerations for healthcare policy issues related to Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). In this paper, I interviewed the chief operating officer of a large healthcare organization to understand her perspectives on the sections of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicare Shared Savings Programs (MSSP’s) and ACO’s. I also examined the intent for the population reimbursement strategies and ACO’s in the ACA and some potential solutions for the challenges of these new policy approaches.

       Course: NURS 6022: Health Systems and Policy, Summer 2015

       Documents:  Horne Health Policy and Analysis Paper


  • New, expanded NP role definition. I developed a new role to expand the scope of the current cardiology NPs in my organization and at a partner hospital. This role was part of the new process implementation associated with my DNP project, and it had to be approved by (1) the organization’s HR, (2) the organization’s Union, (3) the chief of cardiology, and (4) the partner hospital.

       Course: NURS 8030: DNP Project I, Spring 2019

       Documents:  Horne Definition of Expanded NP Role


  • Primary aim of DNP project.  The primary aim of my DNP project was to improve access to healthcare. This is explained in pages 2-6 of my DNP paper.

       Course: NURS 8030: DNP Project I, Spring 2019

       Documents:  Horne DNP Paper


  • Healthcare Board Membership.  I served on the Strategy Committee of the Board of Directors of the Children’s Hospital Colorado from 2008-2018.  In that capacity, I was active in working with the hospital to advocate for children’s health issues.  No specific document associated with this.

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