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DNP Essential IV

Technology to Improve and Transform Health Care

DNP Essentials IV: Image

DNP IV Essential Competencies:

  1. Design, select, use, and evaluate programs that evaluate and monitor outcomes of care, care systems, and quality improvement including consumer use of health care information systems.

  2. Analyze and communicate critical elements necessary to the selection, use and evaluation of health care information systems and patient care technology.

  3. Demonstrate the conceptual ability and technical skills to develop and execute an evaluation plan involving data extraction from practice information systems and databases.

  4. Provide leadership in the evaluation and resolution of ethical and legal issues within healthcare systems relating to the use of information, information technology, communication networks, and patient care technology.

  5. Evaluate consumer health information sources for accuracy, timeliness, and appropriateness.

Achievement of DNP IV Essentials:

  • Paper on a clinical technology support model for managing glycemic control and the complications of diabetes.  The paper proposed an information and clinical support model to provide diabetes management tools. An analysis of the existing evidence was conducted to help define the information and data needs for the proposed approach.  The required information and data elements were described, followed by an explanation of how the information and knowledge could be used for a clinical decision support plan, including associated algorithms.

       Course: NURS 6286: Foundations of Health Care Informatics, Fall 2015

       Documents:  Horne Clinical Support Model for Diabetes Management

  • Common Electronic Health Record (EHR) patient tool for DNP project. The tool was designed after analyzing applicable capabilities in the EHR and developing user requirements.  It was refined through a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) process. It is the sole tool used to manage patient assignments and information in a new hospital service that was implemented as part of my DNP project. A screen shot from the current version (version 2), with redacted patient names, is listed below.

       Course: NURS 8030: DNP Project I, Winter 2019

       Documents:  Horne Screen Shot of Common Patient EHR tool

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