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DNP Essential III

Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for EBP

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DNP III Essential Competencies:

  1. Use analytic methods to critically appraise existing literature and other evidence to determine and implement the best evidence for practice.

  2. Design and implement processes to evaluate outcomes of practice, practice patterns, and systems of care within a practice setting, health care organization, or community against national benchmarks to determine variances in practice outcomes and population trends.

  3. Design, direct, and evaluate quality improvement methodologies to promote safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered care.

  4. Apply relevant findings to develop practice guidelines and improve practice and the practice environment.

  5. Use information technology and research methods appropriately to:

    • collect appropriate and accurate data to generate evidence for nursing practice

    • inform and guide the design of databases that generate meaningful evidence for nursing practice

    • analyze data from practice

    • design evidence-based interventions

    • predict and analyze outcomes

    • examine patterns of behavior and outcomes

    • identify gaps in evidence for practice

  6. Function as a practice specialist/consultant in collaborative knowledge-generating research.

  7. Disseminate findings from evidence-based practice and research to improve healthcare outcomes.


Achievement of DNP III Essentials:

  • Literature review and synthesis paper on probiotic use in the prevention of Clostridium Difficile Infection.  In this paper, a Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome (PICO) question was developed to analyze the current practice based evidence. The PICO was used to complete a comprehensive literature search and review, followed by a synthesis of the information.

       Course: NURS 6109: Evidence Based Practice: Evaluating the Evidence, Fall 2018

       Documents:  Horne Probiotics Literature Review and Synthesis Paper


  • Evidence table for DNP project.  The evidence table is the result of a comprehensive literature search related to the PICO question developed for the DNP Project. It was subdivided into three areas based on the focus areas of the project.

       Course: NURS 8030: DNP Project I, Winter 2019

       Documents:  Horne DNP Project Evidence Table


  • Development, implementation and utilization of data analysis plan in DNP Project. The analysis plan in described in the “methods” section of the DNP paper, pages 7-11 and in the “results” section, pages 12-20. Also included is the table table providing specifc data attributes and calculations for the data elements in the DNP project.

       Course:  NURS 8040, 8050: DNP Project II, III, Summer and Fall 2019

       Documents:  Horne Final DNP Paper,          Horne DNP Data Table


  • Dissemination of DNP Project findings.  The results of the project were shared with multiple organizational levels through an internal company presentation and to the public and university staff through a formal post project presentation. The DNP Project paper will also be submitted for publication. The document below is the university presentation.  The internal company presentation contained proprietary organizational information and is not included.

       Course: NURS 8050: DNP Project III, Fall 2019

       Documents:  Horne DNP Project Presentation

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